Earliest memory

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What is your earliest childhood memory – and did it really happen?

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Share Your Earliest Childhood Memory

Marie - Tuesday, June 20, at In my own I was at a babysitter's house. You might expect that your earliest recollection would be dramatic—yet for most of us, it is fairly mundane.

Childhood amnesia

Only about a quarter of people report a first memory that involves a trauma. What is your earliest childhood memory – and did it really happen?

A new study suggests that many first memories are actually fictional and based on photographs and family stories. Take a look in the storytelling history to explore the origin of Storytelling.

Discover the history of storytelling and its interesting journey over time. To contribute your own earliest memory, go to Guardian Witness at ncmlittleton.com and upload your image.

Childhood amnesia

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bit processors promise. Can you trust your memory? Learn about superior memory, memory loss and how moral blame can affect memories of objective facts.

Earliest memory
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