Is there a moral obligation to

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Is There a Moral Obligation to a Realtor?

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Deontological ethics

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Is There a Moral Obligation to Obey the Law

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moral obligation

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In his essay “Famine, Affluence, and Morality,” philosopher Peter Singer argues that not only do first-world citizens have a moral obligation to feed starving children in developing nations, but they must give until those children suffer no less than Arthur claims Singer is wrong in his assumption that positive rights are as universally applicable as negative rights.

A theory of obligation can be centered around one foundational assumption: that there exists a moral imperative to aidthe structurally dispossessed and functionally abused. Other theories of obligation might emphasize different, more utilitarian approaches.

Moral obligation?

An argument Rawls gives in favour of a moral obligation to support the law is that there is a moral duty to support and further just institutions'. What is meant is that if a government is generally just and democratic, its laws should be obeyed in. It seems there is no reasonable moral obligation to obey a law simply because it is a law.

Laws are codes of conduct made by men (and/or women, of course). One man is as good as any other man. At the core of the legal analysis is whether there is a moral obligation.

You do not create a moral obligation with one phone call to an agent, nor with two or even 10 phone calls. Nor does one or a dozen emails create any kind of obligation.

Is there a moral obligation to
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