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Job Title: Senior Officer (General), Officer (General) Job Description: Janata Bank was born with a new concept of purposeful banking sub serving the growing and diversified financial needs of planned economic development of the country.

This job title is as Executive Officer.

Janata Bank plagued by bad loans, capital shortfall, huge losses

Janata Bank Limited Exam Result. Janata Bank limited has been published job circular under Bangladesh Bankers Selection Committee. So, this committee will be published exam date and time.

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Janata Bank Ltd. K likes. JANATA Bank Limited welcomes you to explore the world of progressive Banking in Bangladesh. It is a state owned commercial. Welcome to Bangladesh Bank eRecruitment System --For all online applications related to job opening of Bangladesh Bank & 14 State Owned Banks/Specialized Banks/Financial Institutions under Bankers' Selection Committee Secretariat of BB.

Janata Bank Ltd Jobs Circular Janata Bank jobs Requirement published. So if you want to interest this jobs please see circular carefully and compiled your. We have audited the accompanying consolidated financial statements of Janata Bank Limited and its subsidiaries, ("the Group) as well as the financial statements of Janata Bank Limited (the Bank) which comprise the consolidated and the separate balance sheet as at 31 Decemberprofit and loss account, statement of changes in equity, cash flow statement for the year then ended, and a.

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