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You can think via text, audio or video. Virtual Tutoring. Virtual tutoring with a CAS tutor takes place through a live, real-time session using an online communication technology.

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This technology has the ability to share documents both the student and the tutor can see and interact with. Online Tutoring should be used as a supplemental service; therefore if at all possible, students should first try to visit with a live tutor though ACE or visit their instructor before accessing online tutoring.

The SCAA offers tutoring services to students taking online courses, as well as to those who cannot come to campus when the SCAA is open.

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Note: Tutors are not allowed to review exams or term papers unless specific permission or instructions to go to the SCAA. Prepare For Success in Your Online Classes with Free Tutoring from!

Liberty University is committed to providing a wide variety of resources to equip you for success in your online. Online Tutoring Sessions APSU Students.

Contact the Academic Support Center to schedule a tutoring session for all courses. The Academic Support Center also offers online tutoring. Tutorhub is a trusted British online tutoring service with the largest selection of qualified and UK based personal tutors, supporting all academic subjects.

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